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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Solved: How To Remove All Unwanted Facebook Group At Once In 5minutes Using Chrome Toolkit

Most Of The Time We Dont Want To Receive An Update From Some Facebook Group That Is Disgusting Alot And Sometimes We Are Been Added To More Than 10 Facebook Group Within Some Hour Without Our Consent But Using This Method Will Automatically Disable Your Services From Using Or Accessing The Unwanted Facebook Group That Looks Disgusting Immediately Using The Google Chrome Toolkit For Facebook.

To Do This You Have To Follow The Below Step Carefully So As It Wont Take Out Of Your Time Because Doing The Manual Method Of Removing For Instance Upto 500 Facebook Group Might Take 10hours Of Our Time So I Huge You To Use The Below Process Which Can Only Take 5 Minutes Of Your Time In Removing The Unwanted Facebook Group Easily, No Matter How Many Of Them.

* Firstly You Need To Use A Computer For This, Now Go To The Google Chrome Toolkit For Facebook
Copy The Above Url And Paste It At Your Chrome Browser And A Page Will Open.

* Now The Next Step Is For You To Goto Your Facebook And Open Your Facebook Group, Then It Will Show You All Your Facebook Groug In A List.

* Now For The Next Step Kindly Look For The Toolkit For Facebook At The Top Right Of Your Chrome Browser Where It Has The Logo "PST", Then Open It And Locate To "Removal Tools" And Beneath It Where They Is "Premium Removal Tools" Then Choose The One With "Remove All Groups At Once".

* That Is All But Make Sure You Are Still In The Facebook Tap/Window So As This Can Perform Successfull.


  1. Wow this is a nice post, am going to try it because those groups are so annoying

    1. Thanks Fidel For Having You Around But I Suggest You Also Use Dc Published Meta Code And Rel Canonical Is Important


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