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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Increase Your Blog Traffic By Posting To 100 Of Facebook Group At Once

Due To Time And Network Failure Here I Do Like To Short List The Tutorial On How To Increase Your Blog Traffic When You Post 100 Post To Facebook Group At Once Within 5 Minutes And Your Website Traffic Will Be Increase Though Using This Method Might Lead Your Facebook Account To Be Blocked, Therefore I Advice You To Use Another Facebook Account That Is Not That Important To You And Make Sure You Use A Shortlink Url When You Want To Insert Your Main Url In The Post You Want To Published Using This Tutorial.

Now To Be Permisist The Only Side Effect This Can Be Harmful To You Are Those Stated About But Make Sure You Use Anothe Facebook Account And Your Url Are Shortlinks When Doing This.

How To Run This Services

* Before Thinking Of Anything Else The Only Method I Suggest You Can Post To All Facebook Group At Once Can Be Use Using And Either You Signin Or Signup But If You Are Thinking Is A Scam Or A Phishing Site, All You Have To Do Is Just Create Or Use Another Facebook Account To Try This And Make Sure You Are Added Or Into Any Facebook Group That Allows Members To Post.

* Now Sign In Your Pilotposter.Com Account And Start Posting But You Must Authenticate Pilotposter.Com WIth Your Facebook Account

* To Avoid The Red Error Alert Make Sure You Use Iphoto Or Opengraph App At Your Pilotposter.Com Account.

5 Things You Need To Know About Pilotposter.Com

* It Allows You To Schedule All Or Some Of Your Post According To Time And Date It Should Be Posted.
* It Shows You How Many Group You're Into On Your Facebook When You Authenticate Pilotposter.Com With Your Facebook Account.
It Drives Traffic To Your Blog From Facebook To Your Blog
It Allows You To Post Upto 100 Post To All Your Facebook Group Within 5 Minutes And It Can Be Continuous Every 5 Minute If You Choose It That Way.
* It Allows Unique Visitors To Your Blog.

Harmful Effect Of Using Pilotposter.Com

This We Should Consider Before Using This Method And Which Are:

* Using Pilotposter.Com iIt Shows As Spam On Facebook And It Might Enable Facebook Security To Come In Aid Of This Whereby Blocking Your Facebook Account Either Temporary Or Permanent Thats Why I Recommend You To Create A Seperate Facebook Account For This.
* It Makes Your Website Url To Be Blocked By Facebook Security Whereby Anytime You Tried To Either Share Your Web Link, It Will Be Recognised As A Spamming Link Or Error So I Recommend You Use Shortlink Url Like, Tinyurl, In Replace Of Your Web Link Before Publishing Your Content From Pilotposter To Facebook.

This Is All I Can Say On Increasing Your Blog Traffic By Using Pilotposter.Com, So If Found Helpful, I Suggest You Give It A Try And Drop Your Comment Below So That I May Know Those Who Need My Help On This If Found Error.


  1. Wow this is helpful, but the side effects are too much, i will give it a try sha

  2. wow, this is great... nice steps you have given, am really gonna try it. thanks for sharing

  3. This is good, recently I haven't had much traffic! Thank you for sharing ☺️


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