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Monday, 29 August 2016

Reasons why you Should not Masturbate In Your Body

Why is masturbation
spreading so fast in the
world today?
Masturbation or self-
pleasuring has become a
socially accepted practice by
both female and male
genders throughout the
world today, more than in
the past. This may be as a
result of the increasing rise
in sexually transmitted
diseases otherwise known
as STDs or due to the
difficulty encountered by
both genders in finding a
trusted romance partner. But
is this supposed to be the
normal way of life? If not,
what are the dangers
associated with female or
male masturbation?
The issue of people touching
themselves or pleasuring
their bodies to obtain either
emotional or physical
satisfaction, has been a
widespread disease in the
world today, especially
amongst the young people
of age; 14 to 30, maybe as a
result of sex appeal
marketing going on in every
sector of today's world, or
due to peer pressure and
youthful exuberance.
Historical indices showed
that between the periods of
1920s to late 30s, fewer
numbers of females
indulged in self-pleasuring,
while from late 1930s to
late70s, the figure increased
by some percentage. My own
years of personal research
showed that this was as a
result of so many wars that
took place in these periods
of 1930s to 70s, leading to
the death of more number
of male adults. And within
the periods of early 1980s to
mid 90s, lesser number of
females practiced this. And
finally, the current index
showed that this number
has quadrupled from that
period till date, what should
be the problem?
Why do females masturbate?
Again, my personal research
showed that more and more
females are beginning to
indulge in this act for the
following reasons br /> 1.
The new female craze to
experience orgasm
2. Fear of heartbreak, so
many prefer to live single
3. Global quest to empower
women, causing more
women to desire spinster
4. Fear of contacting STDs
5. Media hype
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