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Monday, 29 August 2016

Causes Of High Blood Pressure And How To Over Come It Easily

Sometimes Our Best Food Are Our Worst Enemy That Can Cause Harmful Effect To Our Body System And We Dont Know What Actuall Causes It But We Keep On Taking It Always Because Its Our Best Food.

 According To Oxford Dictionary Which State That [quote]"Blood Pressure Is A Process Whereby A Blood Travels Around The Body"[/quote]  But When The Blood Are High It Travels Faster And It Pump Become Enormous Beyond Control Which Can Harm The Body System.

  According To My Research, Increase Of High Blood Pressure Is A Very Great Risk To The Body Which Means We Should Mind What We Eat Or Take Into The Body.


* Excess Of Food That Contain Sodium: Lower Your Consumption Of Food That Contain High Amount Of Sodium Like Instant Noodles, Etc. We Didn't Say You Should Stop Eating Listed Food Above But Lower The Consumption.

[quote] Note: Excess Of Food Which Contain Sodium Can Increase The Risk Of High Blood Pressure, So Avoid Them[/quote]

* Pickles And Sauces: Pickles Are Vegetables That Has Been Preserved In Vinegar Or That Are Been Preserved Using Salt Water And Has A Strong Flavour While Sauces Is A Thick Liquid That Is Eaten With Food To Flavour To It E.G Tomato Sauces

 So Therefore Avoid Much Consumption Of Pickles And Sauces Because It Contain "Sodium".
[quote]Note: The Normal Reading Of A High Blood Pressure Is Said To Be Less Than 120 Over 80 {120/80} And Incase Yours Passes That Limit Please Consult Your Doctor Quickly[/quote]

* Genetics

* Stress

* Lack Of Physical Activities: E.G Excersise

* Excess Of Salt In Diet

* Excess Of Alcohol Taken

* Smoking

* Sleep Apnea

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