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Monday, 21 November 2016

Jetpack Not Supported For Some Hosted Website [See Reason]

@Jetpack Has Been My Main Sources Of Publicising All My Content To All My Social Media For Free Without An Api Key But Back In The Days I Was Having A Very Big Issue With My Website Whereby Every 24hours My Website Will Always Go Down And Bring Out Some Annoying Words That Can Drive Away My Visitors Which I Tried With All My Swet And Knowledge To Build All Because Of Bad Host I Loose My Traffic.

Bad Host Is A Host That Bought A Reseller Plan From A Particular Host Reseller Dealer And Resell It To Make Money, Example, If You Buy A Reseller Host From, That Means You Are A Reseller And Depending On The TOS Of Namecheap Or Any Other Host Dealer You Buy Reseller Host From Determined Either You Are A Bad Or Good Hoster.

A Bad Host Cannot Accept Some Important Plugin Which Might Bring Traffic Or Make Your Wordpress Website To Be More Beautiful Because The Plugin Will Be Slowing Down Their Server Or Using Large Bandwidth From Their Server But I Can Tell You That, That Host Are Not Meant For You And Can't Make Your Wordpress Blog To Be Valuable Because Your Wordpress Blog Will Be Shutting Down Every 24hours And You Might Be Lucky If Your Host Provider Keep Activating Your Website Unless You Change To Their Rules Or Change To Another Host.

If You Have Come Accross This Problem Before Or Not, Do Leave A Comment Below So As To Enhance And Be Part Of Helpful Idea To Others....

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