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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Full Details - 14 Years Old Boy Sentences With 12years In Israeli Jail - Ahmed Manasra

We all watch this horrible and painful scenes where we see a young Palestinian whose name is Ahmed Manasrah13 years old on the ground,bleeding, and frightened, surrounded by Israelis, including policemen, Insulting him, yelling vulgar and hateful words at him. Nobody tried to help him. He was in that position because he had received a bullet in the head. He stayed in that position for an hour before was taken to an Israeli hospital. That same day, his cousin, 15 year old, was with him, also died after he had been shot, and his body still has not been returned to the family yet. Two to three days later, in the Israeli press, images circulated, showing two teenagers running, and they were accused of attempted murder of an Israeli teenager. These images were not clear and did not identify the faces of the two Palestinian defendants. Moreover, the alleged scene of the attempted murder was never shown . Even if these charges were true, no child should be treated that way. A week after his arrest, new images of the young Palestinian in the hospital were circulated. Ahmed was handcuffed to his bed. His lawyer said that Ahmed was beaten and isolated. Only his lawyer was able to provide him with food, since he could not feed himself by his handcuffed hand, and no one else except his lawyer was available to provide him with food. Handcuffed throughout his hospitalization, he could not take showers and he could only relieve himself next to his bed. Before his trial in court, he suffered long and violent psychological torture (visible through a leaked video) to force him to admit to the attempted murder. The next day, on November 10, during his appearance before the court, Ahmed maintained his innocence. Still imprisoned, he could see his family only two hours since the start of the events. We saw a clear violation of his childhood and an injustice committed by the Israeli authorities on his innocence. So we decided to launch a global campaign for Ahmad Manasrah's freedom: Free Ahmad Manasrah The campaign's objectives are to work for his immediate release, by stoping to postpone his trial and to obtein the right of comingback to his family without jail's condamnation To achieve our goal, we Will: Bring the Ahmad's case to the international media for which a large part of them are taking part in favor of the Israelis in spite of palestinian's right . The Israeliauthorities distort the truth and present false documentation to the international media to perseverein a crime without being censored.• Use social medias in order to have a world wide coverworld of the Ahmad's story that will allow continuousfollow-up and a global mobilization in solidarity withthe Hashtag #FreeAhmadManasrah To contact national and international children's right organizations and countries's member of the Geneva'sConvention in order to incite them to take a stand concerning their responsibilities and to oblige Israeli'sauthorities to respect the children's right conventions which are internationally recognized. To allow a continual follow-up of Ahmad's health, a protection against all violence committed by the Israeliauthorities, and an immediate transfer to his home until the end of his trial. Then finally to sanction severely who took part to Ahmad's physicals and morals tortures. Because Ahmad is not alone! And there are 500+ other children behind Israeli jail bars, we have now joined forces with another campaign to ask for the release of all children being held in Israeli prisons. Please Sign & Share it to Help Ahmad Brothers from being Abused

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