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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Complete Seo Meta Tag Code To Drive Massive Traffics To Your Blog - 2017 Tutorial

Building An Exclusive Blog For Either Educative Or Having Any Niche All You Have To Do Is Make Sure Your Mind Are Occupied With Seo And Traffic As A Blogger. As A Blogger You Must Know Every Back And Front Side Of Seo, So I Brought This Idea Where Where You Can Use The Below Seo Meta Tag Code To Boost Or Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog Easily Without Paying A Dime On Getting Traffic Either From Facebook Or Google Adwords, Below Are The Meta Tag Code You Need To Insert At Your Blog Header Either Be It Wapka, Wordpress, Blogger Or Be It Any Platform But All You Have To Do Is Edit The Domain Url And Necessary Things You Need To Edit.

2017 Seo Meta Tag Code To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog

The Below Code Are Not Harmful Nor A Code Found As An Illegal Against Google But It Will Be Useful To Boost Your Blog Traffic Either New Or Old Blog That Need Traffic.

Note :
* Change The Keyword To Yours
* Change The Google Verification Code To Yours
* Change The Bing Verification Code To Yours
* Change The Yandex Verification To Yours
* If You Have Alexa Verification Code Kindly Insert It To The Above Meta Tag Code And Insert It To Your Blog Header
* All The Above Meta Tag Code Must Be Inserted Into Your Blog < header > Be It Wapka, Wordpress, Blogspot Or Any Blog Platform
* Change The Description You Found On The Code To Yours
* Change The Domain Url [ Or] To Yours
* Change Everything That You Need To Change To Yours But Becareful When Doing The Changes.

A Must Know: Most Seo Meta Tag You Must Have

* "rel=canonical" : "rel=canonical" Is One Of The Most Important Meta Tag Code A Blogger Need To Add Because It Allows Or Tell All Search Engines Where The Real And Original Articles Was Generated, So Using This Meta Tag On Your Blog Will Tell All Search Engine That Your Blog Has The Real And Original Articles And This Meta Tag Will Also Boost Your Web Pagerank And Your Seo Tracks.
* Author's Name : Using Or Inserting The Author's Name Meta Tag Code Will Tell All Search Engines That The Particular Post Found On Your Blog Are Written By You And Was Not Originated From Any Blog But From The Author Found On The Meta Tag Code
* Blog Verification : Verifying Your Blogs Allows Search Engine To Have The Authorities To Index, Crawl Your Blog And Also Brings Your Blog A Unique Visitors And A Massive Traffic, Therefore, The Only Trusted Way Of Verifying Your Blog Is By Submit Your Blog Url To Google, Bing, Yandex And Other Web Search Engine.
* Copyright : Having A Copyright Meta Tag On Your Blog Also Tells All Webmaster Not Copy Theft Your Posts, Images Or Anything That Belongs To Your Blog But If They Do They Will Be Detained By Google
* Noindex Meta : Having The Noindex Meta Tag Code Will Allow All Search To Index, Crawl Your Blog Every Seconds Or Minutes You Post A New Articles On Your Blog.
* Meta Keyword : This Meta Keyword Will Explain What Your Blog Is Trying To Pass And Allow Search Engine To Tell Any Visitors About Your Blog Niche.
* rel="nofollow" : Having Much Outgoing Links Will Only Destroy Your Blog Pagerank And Also Either Tells Search Engines Or Visitor That You Either Copy And Paste The Articles Or Anyhow But Using The rel="nofollow" Meta Tag Code Will Disable The Non Important Url On Your Blog.
* Authorites : Having Authorities From A Trusted Website Will Boost Your Traffic And Pagerank So Use Authority Website Like MozRank, SeoMoz Page Authority And So On.

The Above Tutorial Are All I Can Say Since Is A Free Tutorial I Decided To Share But If You Insist You A Quality Tutorial To Boost Your Blog Traffic And Get 50,000 Pageviews Per Day, You Can Either Call Or Chat With Me If You Need The Ebooks Using The Below Form.

How To Get The Ebooks

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To Make Payment Kindly Contact Me On And We Will Send You The Necessary Information On How To Make Payment And Get The Ebook Immediately After Payment. But Mind You This Is Not Compulsory Nor A Force To Get The Ebook But Only The Interested Ones Are Recommended To Have This Ebook.


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