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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Tip To Make Your Baby Look Healthy, Smarter, Young But Fresh All Day

Dedicated Write-Up - Am Using This Opportunity To Thank My Mom, Who Brought Me Up As A Responsible Smart And Healthy Child - Mrs. Ngozi Grace Okonkwo, Mom I Love Every You For Been The Real Mother Of My Life

Thinking In A Way Of Making Your Baby Smart, Healthy And Young But Fresh Is The Best Thing Children Will Love And Thanks Their Mother For Been Caring. Nowadays Smart Baby Makes Their Mother Happy In Such A Way They Act The Unbelievable Way Especially For Instance, Seeing A 7 Or 9 Month Baby Who Start Talking, And This Tip Am Writing Out Of Experience Will Also Help You Know The Secrete Ways Of Making Your Baby The Best From The Rest Or Others.

This Tips Is A Free Tip That Wont Cost You Much But Your Times Are Needed, So Lets Start But Make Sure You Read The Below Tips Carefully.

In This Tips They Are 3 Major Things You Need To Consider So As Your Baby Will Be The Best Which Are:

* Making Your Baby Healthy.
* Making Your Baby Smarter
* Making Your Baby Young But Fresh Always.

The Above Mentioned Will Make You The Best Mom Ever Because When You See Your Child Making You Proud Like A Real Woman Publicly Hope You Will Be Happy, So Dont Relent On What It May Cost You To Bring Up You Child In A Way He/She Will Appreciate, So Take This Tip Seriously.

Getting Started

Getting Started, When Your Baby Is Now 2 month Or 3 Month Old, This Tips Should Start Be Using By You But All It May Take You Is Just Your Time But A Real Woman Dont Cares About The Time But The Future Ahead Worth Something Behind ==> " Presh Arthur ".

How To Make Your Baby Smarter

This Will Be My First Start-Up On This Articles Because This Should Be Consider First And Important.

* Sing A Song: Try Singing A Song To Your Baby Or Make Up Your Own Verse Of Song As This Helps The Baby To Pick Up The Words Use And Eventually Doing This All Day Will Make Your Baby One Day Sing The Song Either It Sound Well Or Not But Atleast Some Changes May Occured.
* Honey: As Soon As Your Baby Has Start Eating Food Dont Forget To Mix A Small Quantity Of Original Honey To It Milk Feeder Or Pap As This Can Help In Broaden The Brain And IQs Of Your Baby.
Note: This Should Be Done Twice A Weak Or Seek Your Doctor For More Info

* Be Funny: Taking Your Time To Play With Your Baby, Cracking Joke Makes The Baby Feel Happy And Relaxable. Puff Up Your Cheeks, And Have Your Toddler Touch Your Baby Nose As This Can Be Part Of Creating Fun Play With Your Baby.
* Breast Feed: Do This As Much As Possible Because This Give Baby An Higher IQs, So Dont Ever Stop Breast Feeding Your Baby When Is Not Yet Time To Stop.
* Diaper Change, Baby Learn: Whenever You Changing The Diaper Of Your Baby, Try As Much As You Can To Use The Opportunity To Teach The Baby The, Different Part Of The Body As This Can Help Make The Baby Learn About The Body Structure.
* Let The Baby Rest: This Should Be Done Sometimes Or Twices A Week, Just Let The Baby Be With You But Dont Sing Nor Act Anything But Allow Your Baby To Sit Down And Show You What He/She Got.

How To Make Your Baby Healthy And Fresh

Life Is Good When We Live Healthy, Making Your Baby Healthy You Just Need To Follow The Few Step Below.
* Eat Fruit Always: As Soon As Doctor Confirms You To Start Giving Your Baby Food, Fruit Should Be The Most Important Thing A Baby Needed To Take Always As An Attitude, Below Are The List Of Fruit Which Are Very Much Sensitive In Developing The New Look Of Either A Baby Or An Adult.
* Banana
* Paw-Paw
* Pineapple

In My Next Health Tips I Will Talk About The Work Of The Above Fruit
* Dont Stop Breast Feeding: Keep Breast Feeding Your Baby Till It Reaches The Time To Stop.
* Meal Planning: Take Time To Plan His/Her Meal Properly Because Diet Food Brings Healthy Life, So Dont Play With It
* Fresh Food: Make Sure All You Giving Your Baby Are Fresh.
* Doctors Advices: Onces In A While Try To Seek An Advice From A Reputable Doctor, Because This Will Guide You Most Especially Dont Take This Seriously......

This Is The Little Idea I Gain From My Experiences, So I Decided To Share It Here And If They Is Any Other Way To Improve This, Please Kindly Use The Comment Below So That People Can Learn From You @Share_Your_Thought....
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Kindly Appreciate This Because It Took Me Time To Write This Out

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