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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

That Perfect Moment When Watching Football With Your Wife - [Frustrated]

:p Some wifes can make someone to run mad or kill them imagine that moment when you think you are that smart and your wife makes you look so foolish,

Imagine when you are expecting to relax without no one disturbance and you've frustrated by your wife, hahahaha what are you gonna do? kill her? beat her up? Or Punch her?, The rightful answer will be the your decision after reading the below frustrated conversation and give out your reaction

What Will You Do?

"Wife: Dipo, who's that guy? Is that Chris Brown?

Husband: Chris Brown bawo? No na, that's Theo Walcott!!

Wife: Hey! What's that yellow card for?

Husband: It's a warning to a player; and red means the player must stop playing and leave the pitch.

Wife: Ohhh! It's something similar to a traffic light: Yellow - warning, Red - stop.

Husband: Yeah, yeah sure.. You are right!!
Wife: What about the green card?

Husband: Ohhh! there's nothing like that in football.
Wife: Which teams are these?

Husband: Which kind wahala be this na?!! God! It's Arsenal and Chelsea. What again?!

Wife: Ok ok ok! What colour is Arsenal putting on?

Husband: You no get eyes? No be red jersey be that?

Wife: Ok.. which team is putting on blue?

Husband: (upset)... Omg! Haba! Wetin na? Don't you know it's Chelsea?

Wife: Hen hen? Wow! I want Arsenal to win the world cup.

Husband: Wetin concern Arsenal with world cup? Where you from sef?

Wife: Take am easy na! Pls who's that old man?

Husband: Hmmm... that's Arsenal's coach, Arsene Wenger.

Wife: Oooh Ok..... I understand now. Sooo that means the other coach is Chelsea Wenger?

Husband: Chai!

Wife: What's the score now,

Husband: Just 1 - 1

Wife: Who's having 1, who's having the other 1

Husband: You are silly. Wo, arabirin free me jare!!
(Changes Channel to Africa Magic & leaves the house for a viewing center nearby!)....

Wife: (Smiling to herself) If I don't do that, I won't be able to watch my favorite ZeeWorld".

Please don't laugh alone !! Pass it on

What are you going to do when you are frustrated like this with your wife, girlfriend, sister? Drop your Comment

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  1. Haaaa I will walk away

  2. Lolx so funny, I will just leave her


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