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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Iphone Been The Most Uses Phone In The World, They Got Some Tricks Which The Apple Company Never Want To Unleashed Out To Your Hearing Which Are:
* You Can Easily Get Notify The Iphone LED: To Do This Trick Use The Settings>General>Accessibility And Turn Them On In One Click And Start Getting Notify Easily.
* Remind Me To Call: Oh No This Is A Very Bigger Trick For The Iphone, Whenever You Get A Missed Call And You Are Busy To Call Back That Moment You Can Tap The Remind Me Icon To Remind You Of Calling The Person Back Either In The Next Few Minutes Depending What Time You Set It.
* To Reset Text Fied Quickly: Sometimes Error Are Made Whenever We Are Typing On Iphone, To Quickly Reset It Without Tapping The Clear Button Kindly Shake The Phone.
* Automatic RAM Booster: This Trick Is Said That You Can Reset The RAM Of Your Iphone For It To Function Fast And Quicker, To Do This You Just Have To Hold The Power Button Till It Ask You To Slide To Power Off And Click Ok...

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