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Monday, 17 October 2016

How To Use 2 Facebooks, Whatsapp, Twitter Accounts On One Android Phone - Skyevibes.Com

Many Of Us Especially The Lover Boys And Girls Who Want To Check If Their Love Ones Are Cheating On Them Use This Method.
Using This Idea, You Can Actually Integrate In Using All Your Social Media At Onces Without Minimizing Your Android Phone And This Method Can Enable You To Use More Than 2 Of Your Social Media Account At Onces.

How To Get Started

Using This Idea Of Mine, It Will Teach You On How To Be Active In Almost All Your Social Medias Account Without Login Out Of Your Previous Account.

* Parallel Space: Using This App Will Make You Use Multiple Account On Your Android And It Tends To Be Faster Like Normal Browser And Its 100% Safe.

Disadvantage Of Using Parallel Spaces

* It Drains Battery Faster, So Using This Apps, You Must Make Sure Your Battery Are Fully Charge Enough.

Link To Download Parallel Spaces

Parallel Spaces App Is Currently Available On Google PlayStore But For Easy Download Method Click Here ...
* After Download, The Next Thing To Do Is Just Install The Apps And Wait Till It Pop Up An Interferce Notification Asking You To Beeb The Configuration, So As A New Account For Parallel Spaces Will Be Created, And Is Free, So Dont Hesistate To Use This App.

Firstly Appeared On: Skyevibes.Com

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