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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

How To Create Android Application For Your Business/Website

Business Owner Nowadays Uses Android Application To Empower Their Business But Sometime Some Of The Newbie Who Also Want To Developed Their Own Android Application Has Gone Through Various Ways Looking For The Rightfull Result Towards Their Research. But Today On This Tutorial I Will Only List Out The Main Software To Use In Building Your Own Application But Some Of Them Requires The Knowledge Of Programming While Some Are Already Implemented By Some Advance Code.

Top 5 Android App Builder - Low Knowledge Of Coding

Using The Below List Of Building Your Own Android Apps, Gives You The Limited Functions On How Your Application Are To Be Use Because It Does Not Require Any Programming Knowledge And They Are:

* Snapp Builder: Snapp Builder Is An Android App Maker Which Allow You Using Your Android Phone, It Does Not Requires High Knowledge Of Coding And It Can Be Downloaded To Your Android Phone. Snapp Builder Application Is Available On Google Playstore,Download It And Start Using Snapp Builder To Build Your Own Android App.
* Android Creator: I Once Use This Online Android Maker Apps And It Is Very Good For Beginners Who Are 0% Low Knowledge Of Coding.
Applozic: Thisapp Builder Tends To Make Your Android Apps To Be Like A Proffessional Apps And It Does not Required High Knowledge Of Coding.
* Ibuild App: This Ibuild App Also Allow You To Either Create A Game Application Or A Normal Application An It Has A Low End Knowledge Of Coding For Newbie.
App Maker: App Maker Can As Well Allow Low End Knowledge Of Coding To Be Able To Build Their Own Android Applications Easily.

Top 4 Advance Android App Building Software For Proffessional Developer

The List Of This Advance Android Application Building Software Does Not Required A Newbie In Coding But A Proffessional Programmer Can Only Use This Software To Create A Good Looking Application And They All Requires Three Component Which Are, Context,Activity, And Intent But Some Proffessional Developers Can Implement More Of The Components And Using The Below Software, They All Requires Programming Code Like Java, Jquery, Html, C#, Python For Running Some Command On The Apps And The Software Are:

* AppStudio
* App Inventor
* Andriod Developer
* Eclipse IDE

On My Next Tutorial I Will Start All The Preliminary Steps You Need To Start Building Your Own Android Apps Using The Proffessional Software.
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