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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Fixed: Your Sitemap Appears To Be An Html Page

Some Bloggers Would Have Been Getting An Error Message From Google Webmaster Tool When Trying To Submit Their Sitemap To Google Search, " your Sitemap Appears To Be An Html Page ".

Fear Not, Is A Normal Issue From The Google Webmaster As Me Too Get The Error Message When Trying To Add One Of My Other Blog Sitemap To The Google Webmaster Search Engine Tools.

During Some Research On This, I Found That Many Ideas Has Been Shared But All Look Like It Ain't Working Well, Still Getting The Error Message From Google Webmaster Sitemap Submit Page, Till I Found This Trick On How To Solved The Sitemap Error Html Page From Google Webmaster Tool.

They Are Three [3] Major Ways To Solved The Error From The Google Webmaster Tool Which Are:

* Generate Your Blog Sitemap.xml
* Use A Static Sitemap
* Use Html Sitemap Version

In Above List, I Will Explain Each Of Them Step By Step So As You Too Can Find The Solution To Solved The Error Sitemap Page.

Step By Step Method

* Generate Your Blog Sitemap.xml: Generating Your Own Specified Blog Sitemap Could Be Of A Greater Help For You To Easily Solved The Problem You Getting From The Google Webmaster Tool When Submitting Your Sitemap.

To Encode Your Own Sitemap Through The Sitemap Generator Click Here

* Use A Static Sitemap.xml: I Called This Static Sitemap.xml Because It Deals In Another Dimension Where You Use Your Blog Feed To Submit Sitemap Though It Is 100% Perfect Working, Each Time You Post, Your Post Will Appear On Your Blog Feed And Search Engine Will Crawl It When You Submit Your Sitemap Using The Static Sitemap.xml Encoding Using System/feeds/sitemap To Submit Your Sitemap, It Gives Google Search Engine The Absolute Authorities To Crawl All Your Website Pages.
How To Use It:

On Google Submit Sitemap Page Click Add Sitemap And Insert System/feeds/sitemap Inside Box And Click Submit, That Will Automatically Solved The Sitemap Problem You've Been Getting.

* Use Html Sitemap Version: You Have Been Submitting Your Blog Sitemap Using Sitemap.xml To Google Webmaster Tools But It Ain't Working, Instead Bringing The Error Page But Using The Html Version Can Be Of Help Also, To Do This, Submit Your Blog Sitemap Using Sitemap.html Then Wait For Few Minutes Google Search Engine Will Start Crawling Your Blog Instantly.

Using The Above Tutorial, Hope You Found It Helpful And Easy, If Any Problem, Or You Want To Make A Suggestion Or It Works For You Please Use The Comment Box Below So That Other Blogger May Gain From It.

Firstly Published On: Skyevibes.Com

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