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Thursday, 15 September 2016

PDP against Buhari: We suggest you resign and Stop suffering Nigeria

This has been a serious matter concerning the changes the country Nigeria looks now, it ain't the change he promise so why don't you return the country the way it looks like before and resign
The spokesperson Dayo Adeyeye of the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] made this statement issue on September 14th [Wednesday] 2016, that Buhati should step down because nothing has been done as he promise to do likewise the changes he promise Nigeria.
The statement issue are stated like - ¶ "What Nigerians want from this
Administration are results, simple! And
not resorting to throwing tantrums on
the PDP at every given opportunity.
Our call for the President to return the
Country to how he met it in 2015 is
justified on the following grounds: a
bag of rice was N7,000 and now is
above N20,000; a mudu of beans was
N150 and now is N500; one US Dollar
was trading for N197 but now over
N400; a liter of fuel was N87 but now
N145; cost of transportation and other
services have skyrocketed. Given our
observation since the inception of this
government, they have nothing to
offer and as such, quitting will be a
solution because nobody can give what
he/she does not have. APC has failed.
The PDP calls on Nigerians to recall
President Buhari's purported 'body
language' at the beginning of his
administration and re-iterated that
governance is a serious business and
not about someone's body language'
and de-marketing strategies of Mr.
President while 'globetrotting'. When
this government came to power in May
2015 riding on the achievements of
previous PDP Administration, President
Buhari's handlers and his Party, the
APC claimed it was his 'body language'
that brought some positive changes the
Country was witnessing at that time; so
we want to know what are the results
of the so called 'body language'?"
Prince Adeyeye queried. The Party
concluded that the earlier the
President and his team quits, the
better for the Country, saying "there is
no better time than now to make this
call for the President to return the
Country to how he met it and quit, or
right away quit for a more experienced
team to take over". ¶

This current look of the country ain't looking nice to other country, Nigeria which are known as the Giant Of Africa are now address as the poor and Corrupted Country

This tend you return the country to it previous looks and resign with peace..
This statement was issued on september 14th 2016 by the spokesperson of PDP

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