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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Top countries that dont celebrate christmas on 25th

Sometimes We Think If All Countries Celebrates Christmas On 25th At A Time But With My Research About This I Found Out That Not All Country Celebrates Christmas Together On 25th Which Actually Surprises Me Alot Because Its Such A Surprising Thing To The World And This Country Are:

* Russia: Russia Is A Said To Be The Largest Country Around The World But They Still Dont Celebrate Christmas On 25th Of December Until January 7th Though They Are Occupied With Muslim

* The Maldives: This Country Is 100% Occupied By Muslim And Not Even One Single Christian Can Be Find At The Maldives Country

* Thailand: Thailand Is A Country That Occupied By Buddhist And A Little Number Of Christians That Live In The Capital Of Bangkok But I Dont Think If They Do Celebrate Christmas At All

* Turkey: The Country Is Occupied With Muslim And Neither Little They Know About Christmas Due To Christian Aint Much

More Update Are Coming


  1. Amazing! I Couldn't Believe What I Saw Here, Russia Does Not Celebrate Christmas On 25th Until January 7th, This Is Surprising....

    @Presh Arthur Thanks For This Info

    1. I Appreciate Your Kindness For Coming Here, I Hope To See You Around...

      Signature : I Promise Nothing But Say The Truth On My Honour

  2. This Is Awesome, I Will Recommend This To My Friends, Thanks For This Info @SkyevibesNews

    1. I Will Be Glad If You Do So @morgan Jacob

      Signature : I Promise Nothing But The Truth On My Honour


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