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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Top 10 West Africa Blogger, Name and Link - 2016 Survey

During 2016 Survey that took places this August, We've listed the best west Africa blogs that are mark save and free for all to view including the kids are accepted to view..
This survey took place on 19th August 2016 and was carried on with some IT Expert And Computer Literate……
On working over the survey some blog derieve their traffic/pageviews either by Tech Tutorial like hacking which is not suitable for all viewers including the those below 16yrs but the successful blogs are those that receive a lot of traffic, rank higher on major search engines and serve the purpose for which they were created such as generating revenues or airing views,news,entertainment and more but in most cases we carried out the survey across west Africa and they are listed below.....

List Of Top 10 West Africa Blog For All Viewers
* Linda Ikejis: Linda ikeji has been successful over blogging and give a positive impact for all viewers, which was debut since 2006 after that Linda ikeji consist in gossip, news and event...
According to world popularity, Linda ikeji is know to be Africa No1 in news, gossip gist, event……View Blog

* seeing this on our survey amaze me because I know how much information this blog has impact to their readers if not for the quality content it has…

* sometimes I can't figure out our programmable system during the survey because we've checked and checked and don't believe the result we gaining from, it was created on 31st January 2016, but with the massive views of people makes the website more friendly which I may think that it has a very reputed and good content in it……View Blog

* Bella Naija: this blog is created by Uche Eze on 2016 and has been a very good source of information..

* Notjustok: hey dude hope you're OK with this massive views and downloads from your blog?.. This is one of the question Smith James an IT Expert asking during the Survey....View Blog

* Doubting what am seeing nowadays because even a blog can still beat the older not by traffic but by content because content is king and traffic is just a wat your content shows, said by Ben Zurich , Did I say Starconnect? yes because is Nigeria best reputable content full of informations and can be access by any ages...Said By Mathew Pat, View Blog

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