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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Gabon: Ali Bongo wins re-election as president 2016

The 2016 Gabon election which was won by president Ali Bongo after been challenge by some of the presidential candidates who enrolled for the 2016 Election which are:

Ali Bongo [Gabonese Democratic Party, PDG,] : Ali Bongo seeking for ruling Gabon for second term
Jean Ping [Progress Party]: Jean Ping who is the candidate of Progressive Party, former chairman of Africa union commission..
Augustin Moussavou King: Gabonese Socialist Party
Jean de Dieu Moukagni Iwangou: Union of Gabonese People
Pierre Claver Maganga Moussavou: Social Democratic
Raymond Ndong Sima: Patriotic Alliance, AP, etc………

During the electoral result, the commissioner Minister Pacome Moubelet Boubeya Clearly said that the 2016 Gabon presidential result is out and was announced that Ali Bongo has won the election on Wednesday, clearly state that he won the election with 49.83% voters and while his rival candidates Jean Ping who has 48.23% voter said that the election result is not correct due to much fraudness....

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